Saturday, December 21, 2013

5 Foods to Boost Your Energy, Naturally

With the holidays fast-approaching, we are all likely rushing around trying to get last minute things done to prepare for festivities, family and fun. This time of year, while excitement levels are high, energy levels tend to drop especially after a day of running from store to store.

To make it through the day, rather than downing a coffee or energy shot why not grab some natural energy by incorporating some of these foods into your day:

1. Bananas
Quick and easy to eat, bananas are not only a simple snack but they also slow down digestion, allowing the body to keep blood sugar levels stable. This helps to keep the body from "crashing" and can sustain energy levels.

2. Eggs
Have a busy day ahead? Start your morning with a breakfast of eggs. High in iron and protein, eggs will give you sustainable energy throughout the day.

3. Greek Yogurt
Yogurt is packed with probiotics, which help to promote healthy digestion and can also give you an energy boost. Added bonus - yogurt can also provide an immune system boost which is super helpful especially when being out among crowds during flu season!

4. Dark Chocolate
Yes, chocolate! Now don't go grab a dark chocolate version of your favorite candy bar, but rather a bar of pure 70% or more chocolate for a clean energy boost.

5. Almonds
Unsalted, raw almonds are a good source of healthy fats and protein which can also help to keep blood sugar levels stable. Almonds are also very good for heart health.

BONUS: Water
If you start your day with a bottle of water, you will absolutely feel the difference. Keeping your body hydrated can keep your energy going throughout the day. Being dehydrated, your energy levels will fall and you will succumb to fatigue much earlier in the day.

What food(s) top your list for naturally boosting energy? Share your comments!

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  1. thanks for sharing such a topic i commend you for such a bold move i know most young mums who are battling with postpartum depression but they have opted to hide in the dark i hope this would help them keep up the good job kim