Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Red Raspberry Leaf and Trying to Conceive

Here's one for the ladies currently TTC (or trying to conceive for the newbies). You've probably heard about the benefits of red raspberry leaf during pregnancy - the herb is bursting with beneficial vitamins and nutrients, plus it helps strengthen the uterus and get the body ready for delivery. Red raspberry leaf is also just as important BEFORE pregnancy! Read on to find out why.

Balanced Reproductive System
Red raspberry leaf promotes hormonal balance and helps to lower the levels of excess hormones. With a more balanced reproductive system, pregnancy is more likely to occur. The herb is full of B-complex vitamins which have been used for centuries to treat anxiety and other forms of stress - contributing to the overall hormone balance optimal for achieving pregnancy.

Regulated Menstrual Cycle
When you are having abnormal or irregular periods, it is usually due to something being off - this could be a result of inflammation, toxins, etc. Red raspberry leaf has great antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties, which is helping to cleanse your system and reduce an unwanted inflammation. The high amount of vitamins and minerals also will assist in regulating menstrual cycles, thus making ovulation easier to predict and increasing chances of conception.

Toned Uterus
As mentioned earlier, a toned uterus is beneficial to make labor and delivery a bit easier, but it is also crucial when TTC. Red raspberry leaf contains fragrine, an alkaloid that helps to strengthen and tone the uterine lining and may increase the length of the luteal phase of your menstrual cycle. This can also help to prevent miscarriage, as the the herb promotes a rich uterine lining and strong blood flow to keep a healthy baby growing.

So whether this is your first or your fifth, if getting pregnant for you is easy or tough, try out red raspberry leaf (easiest taken in hot/cold tea form) and give your uterus some extra love!

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  1. My grandmother would always point out these same things. During my cousin's pregnancy she made her have these red respberry leaves too and it worked wonders